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Ho Ho Homes Tour

Come along on the 2015 AWBS Ho Ho Homes Tour - members and friends of AWBS have opened up their homes, warmly decorated for the holiday, imbibe in some holiday cheer and have a shopping opportunity - all while helping to raise money for local charities as all funds raised go directly to the AWBS Charity Slate.  

When: - 9 December between the hours of 10:30 and 2:30

If you are a member of AWBS, please see Eventbrite to purchase tickets

Last General Meeting report

‘WHAT an amazing Speaker!’...and ‘I came from Wales to hear David Emanuel’ … and ‘I changed my regular appointments to be here today’ …are only a few of the excited phrases heard floating around Tuesday's General Meeting, which featured none other than the iconic couture designer David Emanuel, of Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress fame.

Oh, and one more: ‘Such an interesting group of ladies, you do so much - Travel the world and so much more!’ … Gossip has it that this was heard from David’s own assistant, a very large compliment. 

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