November General Meeting - Doing what you love and being thankful

Jean-Christophe Novelli

I wonder how many of our Members went home after our General Meeting earlier this week and channelled the positive energy of our Guest Speaker into their families dinner, or thought about salt, sugar, fat content of food they were buying at the supermarket?

We were delighted to meet award winning chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli and be uplifted by his story, and motivated by his passion for his family, food and life.

Within the first 10 minutes of his presentation, he had mentioned his love for his family, how important and wonderful his wife is, how much he loves being with his sons, of the pain and anguish of his little one’s cancer, the respect and pride in his older children with the way they handled their siblings illness and remission….and then he talked about cooking!

To all our surprise, he had planned to do a small demonstration for us, and as he did his voice was even more animated (removed the ,) and his hand gestures even more pronounced, as he was not only talking about what he loves to do but also doing it.

He very generously gave us a voucher to attend one of his cooking classes which we auctioned at the meeting, then stayed on afterwards signing books, and chatting with members as if old friends.

Everyone was on a natural high!

The business part of the November General Meeting reminded us of just how great our Club is, as it’s the Members who plan and organise activities, tours and events for the membership to participate in.

Several of our Activity Leaders shared information about upcoming events like our Christmas Lunch, two fundraising events in support of our 4 local charities a couple of private tours, and a garden tour in addition to the regular activities like Art History, English History, Mahjong, tennis, crafts, book club and more.

We welcomed several more local businesses to our Preferred Business Network (PBN), and heard from our Helping Hands team who are there to support members in any way they can (for example, several of us are cooking meals over the next two weeks supporting a member who is unwell)

Clubs like AWBS are only as good as their members, and we are really a great Club!

As many of our members and friends prepare for Thanksgiving on November 23rd, on behalf of all at AWBS, we wish you a happy and safe holiday with loved ones.

Til next month,
Best wishes
AWBS 2017-18

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