October Breast Cancer Awareness and Travel Fayre at General Meeting

If you missed October's General Meeting, held in the elegant Wentworth Golf club, you may have missed the BEST raffle prizes ever, thanks to our fantastic Travel Fayre Best of Britain room vendors and our lovely travel speaker, Shunney Nair. Our annual Travel Fayre themed B of B has become one that we look forward to, and this year did not disappoint. More than one bottle of top level champagne was given out as well as a £100 gift certificate to a Michelin star restaurant (Hind's Head), wonderful books, travel paraphernalia, Blenheim Water from our wonderful water vendor and even a food basket filled with American favorites such as Wolf Brand Chili and Fritos thanks to our travel speaker, Shunney Nair - to remind some of us of home! October is the perfect time to start planning your travels, near and far. What better way to do so by meeting specialists in the field who came to our Best of Britain room?

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. Cancer is such an important topic, and never easy to bring up in conversation. Our co-VP of IT, Nina Cavanagh, once again gave a heartfelt presentation about her own experience with breast cancer, and importantly - how she ignored her symptoms literally telling no one for several months. It wasn't until she revealed her suspicions to a dear friend, that -- in wonderful female support-mode and good will-- this friend made her go to the doctor. This is the kind of caring support that comes from our women friends. Thank you, Nina, for passing this along in kind by sharing your experiences with us in your uniquely charming way, with that perfect balance of quiet truth and humour.

And last but not least we heard from Shunney Nair, author of "London via Surrey" (book and app) who shared with us her favourite places she has discovered in 6 years of living in the area. London Via Surrey is an insider’s guide to the best of London and Surrey - with mini reviews of what to do, where to eat, tips on living here and more. Contact Shunney at lonodonviasurrey@gmail.com or visit londonviasurrey.com

Kristi Thompson, President 2015 - 2017