"That woman" but not as we know her

Apparently, Mr Spock never said "It's life Jim, but not as we know it".

Our guest speaker at our February General Meeting was journalist, private investigator and story teller extraordinaire, Anne Sebba.
She unravelled a tale that showed Wallis Simpson was not the wicked woman we are all supposed to hate.

Indeed, I ended up thinking she was a woman to be admired and pitied together.
A very complicated woman who wrestled her personal demons all her life. Anne illustrated her talk with lovely pictures of a bygone age that took her audience away to another time of immense political upheaval. We saw the triumphs and miseries that made up the life of That Woman which changed my understanding of her rather convincingly and for ever. Thanks, Anne. We hope to welcome you another time for more storytelling.

As always, we extend our thanks to our Best of Britain vendors who get up at the crack of dawn to load up their wares, unload and display for all to see, browse and buy. We also thank them for taking a place, the fee for which is allocated to one of our charities. Not only do they pay for coming to our meeting but they also provide a gift which we give to the members lucky enough to have the winning tickets. Marci-Beth is our superb host for the raffle to make this one of the highlights of the meeting!

A lot of work goes into the organisation of our meetings:

Check the venue the evening before to make sure tables are ready and the layout for the meeting is right, including projector, screen and microphone.
Run around to find fresh batteries for a faulty microphone during the talk (Sunny).
Woman the welcome table to check everyone in.
Make sure any new members feel welcome.
Greet the speaker and look after her when she arrives and after the talk.

Anyone interested in helping out, please get in touch with Membership. Anyone interested in joining our dynamic club likewise.

See you next month on 5th March from 9am. Our speaker is Peter Barratt who is the great-grandson of Suffragette Alice Hawkins. I wonder what he's going to talk about?