General Meeting NEXT TUESDAY

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Anton Du Beke

Get the latest club news and hear from our guest speaker, Anton Du Beke, best known for his role in Strictly Come Dancing and one of the most recognizable figures in dance today. His TV appearances span more than a decade, not only as a dancer, but also as host, celebrity guest, contestant, commentator and general all-round personality and entertainer.

Please allow for rush hour traffic. I really hope you don't have any problems getting there but please do not hesitate to call me with any questions my phone will be on and I will be getting there at 8am! 

Sunita 07713636911

Turn into the main Pinewood Studios entrance.  You will see a security guard and all you need to do is wind down the window and tell him you're from AWBS! Please have photo ID just in case. Call me if any problems at all!!  He will then direct you to go to the left and through a barrier.  If the barriers closed push the bell and just say you are from AWBS and going to Heatherden Hall.

There will be signage to HEATHERDEN HALL please keep following that.

Follow signage through all the studio lots and try not to run over any Star Wars characters! They are sometimes milling about in costume and can't see where they're going.....apparently! This is still a busy working studio!  Heatherden Hall is not very obvious as its tucked behind greenery so don't be expecting the grand facade.  There will be 60 spaces dedicated to AWBS hence car pooling was highly recommended. If they're full then please keep driving through to the over flow carpark which is approx 7 mins walk from the main building.

Once you get to Heatherden Hall you will be greeted by membership. 

Those staying for lunch please have £22 CASH (correct amount if possible please!) ready to pay at membership and collect your place name and then take it into the restaurant and place anywhere you'd like.  If you do wish to stay for lunch and haven't already had a menu sent to you then please contact ASAP to reserve a space and choose your menu.

We really hope you enjoy this meeting, we try to bring you different venues and if you have any feedback or requests I'm all ears!

Thanks so much


PS We've 45 of us already staying for lunch which is set to start at 12.30

Tuesday, 8 March, 2016 - 09:00 to 12:00
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You will need ID and your bags may be searched.

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Pinewood Studios