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Virginia Park

An annual event we all anticipate, let’s celebrate our accomplishments, remember the good times we shared, and say goodbye to friends who must move on.  Remember to bring your hankies!

If you are staying for lunch - we do hope you will stay - it starts at 12:30 so make sure you buy a long enough parking ticket until, say, 2pm.  Please email if you are staying as we are providing lunch and it helps to know numbers.

We look forward to seeing you there at the historic Virginia Park which has a very interesting history and a beautiful exterior and highly ornate interior.

Thomas Holloway (1800»1883) was a man who amassed a huge fortune in the first part of his life making patent medicines. He then spent the second part contriving ways in which to spend it.  With an Italian, Felix Albinolo, he developed an ointment  - which after 1834 he marketed as Holloway’s Ointment.  His advertising claimed that the ointment possessed a ‘healing genius". However, when analysed it was found to consist of nothing more than yellow bees wax resin, lanolin and olive oil. In later life Holloway became something of a recluse and died in 1883.

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Tuesday, 17 May, 2016 - 09:00 to 14:00
Location Notes: 

Please note that you will need to park at Virginia Water Parade at one of the two train station car parks and walk to Virginia Park from there. Remember to bring money for parking. One is close to the station with a bigger one located behind the Parade. Post Code GU25 4QF.