President's Message

On behalf of the Board and Members, welcome to AWBS International Women’s Club.

With a current membership of over 270 women, I wonder if the founding 32 members had any idea of the impact their first few get togethers 36 years ago. The fundamental reasons for the Club’s existence remain the same:  to make friends (who become like family), to establish a strong network in the area, learn about the host country, and share similar interests. We remain forever grateful to these founders for their vision.

AWBS provides opportunities for women in the international community to meet and engage in social, educational, and leisure activities. We are thankful to our Member Volunteers who organise tours, activities, talks and demonstrations to ensure our diaries overflow with diverse things to do. The best friendships are based on common interests, and the AWBS calendar of events is a great place to start filling your diary and meeting new friends.

We are not just a Club for expats. We play an important role in welcoming home repatriating British citizens from overseas and support them after years abroad. There are also many from overseas who have become British citizens but still want to keep their international perspective with AWBS friends.

Our Club is an active member of FAWCO, Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, and FIWAL, Federation of International Women’s Associations in London.

As an Australian global nomad these past ten years, and with no sign of ‘going home’ I am a serial Club member and volunteer. I was told by a friend who had returned to Sydney after living in Tokyo for five years that getting involved was the best way to make friends and feel connected to your new home.  She was right!

I urge all our Members, new and returning to be a participating member, come to the Monthly General Meetings, offer to volunteer on a sub-committee, or help an Activity Leader with an event of interest to you — you’ll get so much more out of AWBS if you do.

To quote W.B.Yeats “There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet”

Your AWBS friends look forward to meeting you,

With friendship
President, 2017-18