Craft Fayre Report

Our cakes donated by members (Thank you!)

We hope those who made it to our Fayre had a great day.  There were tables everywhere overflowing with wonderful things to browse and buy.

Without the vendors, who worked their socks off, these kinds of things wouldn't work.  So we would like to say a huge thank you to them.  I have never been involved with setting up a Fayre before and was amazed at what hard physical work is involved.  I always thought the vendors' tables somehow magically appeared and the vendors just sat around all day drinking tea, chatting to the public and selling their wares.  But there they were, unloading at 7:00am (who knows what time they left home to get to us) and ready by 10:00am.

Another equally huge thank you to Michelle Olsen who co-ordinated and promoted the whole thing and organised all of us on the day.  To those elves (who know who they are) who baked, delivered, wrapped, decorated before and manned a table after, many many thanks too.  A real team effort by AWBS members.  Following this busy time, I've come to a momentous decision: Life's too short to iron vests.

So here are a few pictures of the day.  More to follow.  I'm no photographer so I'm sorry some of the pictures are rubbish .... :(  Anyone who fancies taking pictures of our Special Events (or of anything else for that matter) for the web site, get in touch immediately!