Hats & Handbags Spring Luncheon cruises the Thames

Just when you think it can't get any better, our Special Events team, Tracey Davey and Lynn Dalleske, prove that it can. This year's Hats & Handbags spring luncheon took place on a lovely boat called Queen of the Thames, where we all felt like Queen for the day. I will let these pictures tell the tale.

More good news: thanks to Alicia Essex, our outgoing VP of Philanthropy (but staying on as Craft Fayre head) with the help of Sunita Shroff, the H&H Silent Auction raised approximately £1,300, bumping up our grand total to a lovely £13,000 which AWBS will spread out amongst our slate of charities. Many thanks to those who donated to the Silent Auction, including Best of Britain vendors, as well as additional thanks to Alicia for her donation of yet another lovely hand painted British Themed corner cabinet. Congratulations to everyone!!