1st GM Record Turn-out

Our first General Meeting of 2016-2017 on Tuesday, September 6th, at the prestigious Wentworth Golf Club was a huge success. Our attendance was higher than our highest attendance in recent years. The ballroom was buzzing with returning members, many new members, visitors and our wonderful Best of Britain room vendors who also joined in the camaraderie. AWBS is a group effort, run by volunteers, and we do not exist without all of you, so thank you.

Our new Membership co-VPs Magda Meyerhoff and Shelley Fredman and their team were busy welcoming returning members, signing up new ones, and even had free coffee coupons to the first 100. Our formal meeting started with a bang with Club news from your board to keep us informed of the vast amount of work going on behind the scenes. Alicia Essex and her team have been working diligently on this year's Craft Fayre (Sat. Nov. 5th), Tracey Davey explained how her role as Helping Hands reaches out to members who might need a little extra TLC, Shelley Fredman explained that we now have two FB pages - our regular Open one for all to view, and a new Closed Members Only page for more interaction and information. Kristi Thompson, President, spoke about all the party games, dancing, skits and lovely venue we will enjoy for our 35th Anniversary Celebration event coming up soon - October 29th! at a very special price (tickets going fast! e-mail: president@awbs.org.uk) Michelle McGowan announced the soft launch of our brand new Members Benefits card which will offer each member a discount or other benefit from many local businesses. Stay tuned for more on this exciting new product, and thank you to Michelle McGowan and Vanessa Reyda for bringing this bonus to our Members!

September 2016 marks an important 15th anniversary, to remember our 9/11 victims and survivors. For this reason we had the great honor to hear a unique and special speaker, Sujo John. Sujo and his wife had just moved from India to America in February 2001, to seek a new life of adventure and prosperity. Both began careers in the North and South Towers of New York’s World Trade Center when six months later, the unthinkable happened. He shared with us his inspiring story of hope and restoration, and the wonderful life he now shares with his wife and 3 children, as well as how this event was the catalyst that eventually prompted him to found a worldwide charity to help free women from human trafficking, Youcanfree.US. We were all touched by this remarkable man, and thank him for sharing this important month with AWBS.

Last but not least, we heard from all our Activity leaders, who gave us brief introductions of their fun activities, many they have been working on since last spring. Some of our most popular activities did sell out at this meeting, but rest assured more are on offer at each meeting, so please come back October 11th. If something did sell out and you really want to attend, this may be your golden opportunity to step up and do a one-off, or even help out that Activity Leader by being on their team?
We look forward to seeing you,
Kristi Thompson, President