October General Meeting - Mixing Business with Fun

October is such a gorgeous month. The trees in and around Berkshire Surrey are changing and the colours are simply stunning. The gardens at Great Fosters continue to delight as spring flowers starting preparing for their winter slumber.

AWBS General Meetings are when the Club is invited to gather on a monthly basis, to hear from the President and Board Members, to sign up to activities and tours, catch up socially with others and to be entertained by our Guest Speakers.

Welcome to the Start of a New Club Year

Ladies, welcome to a sneak peak of the 2017/17 AWBS Club year.

To all our returning members we can't wait to see you at the September General Meeting on Monday, September 4th at Great Fosters. Doors open at 9:00 am.

We trust you had a fun-filled and restful summer.

Now that school’s back (the international ones at least), we are all looking forward to catching up with each other at the General Meeting and getting the 2017/18 Club year started!

New Members Coffee Morning

Please join us for coffee, tea, or light refreshments. You will have an opportunity to meet other new members, as well as many current active members of the AWBS. Our goal is to inform you on how to make the most out of your membership with the AWBS and your time here in the UK.

Last GM of the year

May is an odd month in the life of expats, as it’s often the time we learn friends are moving on or repatriating, while others are ‘still waiting to hear’. It’s also heading into the final stretch of the school year, with kids doing exams after crazy busy months of university applications. There’s graduations, end of year concerts, transitions on PTO Boards - it’s very busy! There’s summer holiday and/or staycation planning to be finalised, and the never ending prayers for ‘good weather’ in the UK.


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