Highclere Castle with Lord and Lady Carnarvon

SPECIAL EVENTS Success: Private tour for our AWBS group at Highclere Castle and Egyptian rooms, followed by a private luncheon on the castle grounds included a warm welcome and talk from the ever gracious and charming Lord and Lady Carnarvon themselves! We could not have asked for a lovelier day. 
A round of applause goes to our Special Events team, Tracey Davey and Lynn Dalleske, as well as the ever resourceful Sunita Shroff, for working hard to organize this truly special afternoon!

Stay tuned next year, as Lady Carnarvon always has interesting activities planned on her estate, and informative books on everything from their centuries long family history, to how to serve a special high tea, in the making...

April AGM at Shepperton Studios

April is a grand month for AWBS as it is our Annual General Meeting where we vote in our new board for the following year! For this reason we had an appropriately Grand venue -- none other than Shepperton Studios -- where Tom Cruise was on location filming his new movie, The Mummy. I'm surprised he didn't pop by cause there were lots of YUMMY MUMMIES in our meeting!! 

Many thanks to our Parlimentarian, Delaina Westwood-Booth for officiating our vote. It gives me great pleasure to welcome our new 2016-2017 AWBS Board. They are already buzzing with ideas for next year!!

Anton du Beke thrills at March 8th GM

Historic Pinewood Studios (currently fimling new Star Wars movie!!) was the site where our scintillating speaker Mr. Anton du Beke -- STAR dancer of hit TV show Strictly Come Dancing - had us dancing in our seats as he regaled us with behind the scenes tales of being the longest running star of the highly competitive hit TV show. President Kristi Thompson had the honor of taking a little spin around the dance floor, to demonstrate one number!! 

February GM, Flora Fraser: historian and biographer of The Washingtons: George and Martha

February's General Meeting was a big success at the Wentworth Golf Club, with special speaker historian and biographer Flora Fraser, giving us a new insight into America's first Power Couple - George and Martha Washington, in her new book: The Washingtons: George and Martha. We learned fascinating details such as the fact that Martha was often with George on the battle field, and that her social skills and high ranking very much balanced out her very quiet husband who sometimes never said a word during an entire formal dinner.

Makes me think that we would have missed out on the founding leader in US history, who set the tone for the Presidency, had he had to battle the scrutiny of today's social media and television campaigning! 

NO Board positions left ....

We introduced the new Board for next year at our April General Meeting at Shepperton Studios.  We think we have an amazing (and cuddly) team to take the club forward next year.

We look forward to seeing all our members at General Meetings and taking part and leading our diverse and fun activities.  The club is going from strength to strength and new members are welcome to join at any time.  I can say, with perfect honesty, that taking part in running the club adds hugely to the enjoyment of being a member of AWBS.  So take the plunge ... get in touch with our Volunteers board member at volunteers@awbs.org.uk



January General Meeting at Wentworth Golf Club

Welcome back to a New Year with AWBS - 2016 is destined to be a great one. Why? It's our 35th Anniversary, and we LOVE being 35, don't we ladies?!  At today's general meeting we heard from all our Activity Leaders tell what they have in store through the Spring, from a sight seeing tour by boat on the Thames to antiquing trips in Antwerp, from Country walks to Book Club to Planning Your Trip to Italy, we've got something for everyone. Our Best fo Britain room vendors had terrific January sales for us, as well as exciting raffle prizes. And as a little anniversary gift to ourselves, the first 35 members to arrive got 2 raffle tickets, instead of 1! Finally, Meet and Eat lunch at Wentworth Grill was delicious! Thank you to everyone who made this another special meeting. 

December General Meeting with The Queen's Six

Queen's Six

December's General meeting was a very special event, with lots of happy members! Why, you may ask? Well the historic location: Windsor's Guildhall featured - where Prince Charles and Camilla, as well as Elton John and David Furnish, tied the knot. Another reason - our featured entertainment were none other than The Queen's Six - an all male acapella ensemble of the Queen's personal choral singers who all reside in special quarters inside the grounds of Windsor Castle with their families. This highly presigious group sing eight services a week at St. George's Chapel, with several services a year for the Queen, Herself. They were generous enough to give us a bit of history! 

Christmas Lunch with David Beckham

We enjoyed champaigne and chat to start and then were ushered into the dining room for a full traditional English Christmas turkey lunch with all the trimmings.

But before we could tuck in, David Beckham paid us a visit.  Well, it wasn't Him of course, but someone who has made a career out of looking like him (Andy Harmer).  He refused to remove his shirt to show us his tattoos.  He told me that he didn't have any  :(  and that they got painted on when shirt-removing was required.

We had a lovely time and for those of you who MISSED IT, and are going to be around next year, make sure you book up as soon as booking is available.

Ode to Craft Fayre

Our vendors’ll be nestled all snug in their booths,

In hopes that our AWBS friends will come through.

To shop for their prezzies, but not only that,

‘Cause Santa is there, and not taking a nap!

He’s waiting for kids who want pictures with him,

You’ll also meet Else, yes, she from Frozen!!

But wait, there are Elves who your faces will paint,

So stay, sis, cause Mom’s gone off shopping – the Saint!

Or is that Mom stopping to chat with her friend?

And hey, where is Dad? Has he wandered again?

Oh no, he's enjoying the raffle he Won!!


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