Potluck Lunches

Pot Luck Lunch

Our Pot Luck Luncheons are fun and casual gatherings where friends get together to laugh and share a meal. You don't have to be a great cook (store bought is fine). Sign-ups for the luncheons will be passed around at the general meeting. Please let Magda Meyerhoff magdameyerhoff@gmail.com know if you are interested in attending or hosting.

May Potluck Lunch

AWBS Potluck Lunches are an opportunity to get together in a very friendly and casual atmosphere. We all pitch in with a dish and have a lovely time. We hope you'll join us for this last "official" potluck lunch for the 2016-17 club year. Please email membership@awbs.org.uk telling us what you'd like to bring: starter, main course, dessert, or drink.

February Pot Luck Lunch

This month's Pot Luck Lunch is hosted by Kristina Hani-Elauod on Thursday February, 16 from noon-2.30pm.

Address: Orchard Manor, Birch Lane, Ascot. SL5 8RF.

Kirstina is happy to host 15 of us for lunch. There's parking for 7 cars in the driveway, and plenty of street parking.

Sign up at February Meeting.

Any questions, please email membership@awbs.org.uk.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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