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October General Meeting - Mixing Business with Fun

October is such a gorgeous month. The trees in and around Berkshire Surrey are changing and the colours are simply stunning. The gardens at Great Fosters continue to delight as spring flowers starting preparing for their winter slumber.

AWBS General Meetings are when the Club is invited to gather on a monthly basis, to hear from the President and Board Members, to sign up to activities and tours, catch up socially with others and to be entertained by our Guest Speakers.

Our coordinator for our Best of Britain shopping experiences each month has been busy evolving the established component of the General Meeting with huge success! It’s worth knowing that 100% of the fee each Best of Britain vendor pays to participate goes directly to our Philanthropy fund. In addition, they donate a prize for our Member raffle. Members have time to shop before and after the business part of the meeting and everyone’s happy.

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