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Membership Application instructions

We are delighted you wish to apply for membership to our inclusive and friendly club.  Your membership will be valid until 30 June 2024. 

Please select the membership level you wish to apply for.  A "Senior" is anyone over the age of 60.

AWBS complies with the General Data Protection Regulations.  These require us to comply with a host of rules that we must abide by because we will store and use the personal information that you are about to disclose to us by filling in this form.  At the end you will be asked to give your consent by clicking on a series of six buttons!  In order for you to know what you are consenting to, please read these two documents that explain what we do with your data and why we keep it.

Privacy Policy      Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions about these documents or about this application, please contact Membership at

To join us, please follow these steps:

    • Select your membership level
    • Fill in the Application Form
    • Pay using Stripe. If you have any payment problems, contact
    • Wait until you are returned to our Website
Membership will be notified automatically by email of your completed application and payment.  You will be notified when Membership have activated your account.

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